14th ARFP Joint Committee Meeting Industry Day

The 14th ARFP Joint Committee Meeting will be held in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday, 30 November – Friday, 1 December, 2023. This will be a face-to-face/virtual event attended by representatives from the member economies (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea and Thailand) and non-member economies from the Asia Pacific region.

An Industry Day will be held on the second day from 10:00 to 13:15 AEDT. This day provides an opportunity for member economies to showcase the commercial and regulatory environments of their respective CIS sectors, and for industry guests to gain valuable insights into the CIS sectors of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea and Thailand.

Guests will attend online.

If you wish to attend the Industry Day as an industry guest, please register your interest at ARFP@TREASURY.GOV.AU.

Please provide your name, position, organisation and email address, and indicate whether you consent to these details being shared with the Joint Committee members.

Once registered, you will be notified of the program and login details closer to the date of the event.